Constructed Views::Masters of Illusion
Niagara (After Church)
Grand Canyon (After Moran)
Yosemite (After Beirdstadt)
4214'42.46"N, 8346'02.35"W(JoAnne's Fabrics) 4214'29.88"N, 8346'09.52"W(Outback Steakhouse)
42°13'43.64'N, 83°40'56.73"W(Showcase Cinemas) 42°14'43.12"N, 83°46'03.23"W
42°14'42,52"N, 83°46'02.94"W 42°13'45.21'N, 83°40'58.74"W(Showcase Cinemas)
42°14'44.32"N, 83°46'03.42"W 4216'57.35"N, 8346'53.50"W(Kmart)
  Disrupted Views::Figure/Ground Compression
    In the Absense of a Clear Figure/Ground Relationship the Eye will Naturally want to fill the void   At the Border all things Collapse in Ambiguity


::Excavations of Space(Civilization)
Mullholland Drive::Hollywood Bowl
Mullholland Drive::The Valley
Mullholland Drive::Powerline
::The World's a Stage
Amrerica the Beautiful Outake 1 (Still)
Dust to Dust (Still)
Equitable Water Distribution (Still)
The Death of a Cloud   The Photographer's Ultimate Conceit: Moving Mountains 15 Steps at a Time
::Point/Counterpoint Panoramas
::Rio Grande::Resident Alien